About Us

Here at RBYL we strive to provide top quality services tailored to our customer’s varied needs. We are passionate about training to develop individuals both physically and emotionally and we can provide a wide range services to achieve this.

If you don’t find a training service that you think is right for you, or you want to talk to someone about specific needs or concerns you have, then do please get in touch with us. We always take the time to get to know our clients and are happy to chat!

Why not check out the YouTube videos of our staff?

Our Services

All our services can be booked as individual sessions which is great if you want the flexibility or to just to try something new out. But if you want to save some money then why not try booking our services as a package and enjoy some great discounts, who doesn’t like a deal!!

Not only do we aim to improve flexibility but our packages are also flexible! You can use your sessions anytime within a month period, this means if you have a holiday coming up you can really up the intensity to get bikini ready or if you’re unexpectedly unwell you wont lose your sessions!

Personal training

Work with a personal trainer 1-1 and receive a tailored, individual service where we cater to your needs, whether it’s muscle development, weight loss or muscle rehab we’ve got it covered! All of our trainers deliver an outstanding service and we are focused on helping you achieve results, with constant support along the way! Our training programs designed simple and to the point, made easy to follow and come with YouTube video demos to really nail that technique! 

Group coaching

All the benefits of personal training in a more social environment, the sessions have been designed so that your training in the gym feels as if you’re at the local coffee shop having a catch up with friends.. just a little more sweating involved and unfortunately no coffee! You can still expect the same level of customer service and personalisation in each hour, aiming to guide you towards your health and fitness goals! Work in groups of 2-4, split the cost and have fun along the way!

Sports Massage

Muscle aches and pains brought on from injury, overuse or a sedentary lifestyle? Don’t worry we have you covered with our soft/deep tissue massage! With over 4 years worth of experience you can expect us to understand your needs and use our expertise to deliver a clean, professional service in a relaxed environment getting to the source of your pain!