Level 3 personal trainer

Josie kelly

“The growing number of influencers/models on social media, that we scroll past far too often and compare ourselves to, can subconsciously cause us to develop unrealistic expectations of our bodies.
Sometimes we look in the mirror and we love what we see and other times we hate it, My goal is to help change that for you!”

Level 3 personal trainer

Max courtier 

“What can I do for you? Clue‘s in the name.. I aim to improve your day to day performance inside and outside the gym! No matter what your goal is. Whether it’s weight loss or sports specific. Maximum performance coaching is all about making you feel like you again.. reaching your true potential and maintaining it!”
Level 3 personal trainer
Level 3 Registered Nutritionist

Adam Collins

“Hi, I’m Adam Collins, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, and master of jokes which aren’t funny. I specialise in strength training, behaviour change and movement. If you want to be stronger, feel healthier and become more confident inside and outside of the gym, then I can help you.”

Level 3 sports masseuse

Beth Grinstead

“Whether you’re suffering from a recurring injury, muscle tightness or just want to keep on top of recovery, a maintenance massage has many benefits… so if you’re fed up of those daily aches and pains book an appointment today!”