The positive impact exercise can have on your mental health is massive, whether its working out in the gym with a personal trainer, outside soaking up the rays while doing a fat burning HIIT workout or participating in a team sport they all contribute to a more clear headspace!

Financial problems, day to day stress, relationship issues are all examples of external factors that can be soaked up by our brains, giving you that feeling of being consumed by negative thoughts having a direct impact on your mental health. My first bit of big advice is to not bury your head in the sand when it comes to any one of these problems, confront it head on, talk to people and find a solution. The more you delay the enviable the harder your situation will get! You need to build healthy habits that can help build a more positive state of mind, creating a healthy mindset that is better at dealing with challenging problems and finding solutions rather than letting them suck the life out of you.. exercise is an example of a new brilliant habit that will create a domino effect equating to more beneficial routines, in turn giving you that ‘feel good’ factor you’re looking for.

When you exercise your body releases endorphins that creates a euphoric feeling throughout the body and mind, giving you a completely natural high rather than invading your body with chemicals/drugs that can potentially cause damage to your complete health, as well as making you look like you’re on another planet.. trust me, its not pretty😂 Not only does it create a chemical reaction in the body but it starts to help build your body/overall confidence, starting to see a change in your body shape, an ab popping that wasn’t there before or an increase on your bench press can really boost your moral!

Getting yourself into a health & fitness routine is also a great way to socialise and meet new people, there is nothing worse then being alone with your intrusive thoughts, get yourself out of that burning building and meet people in a similar situation to you, its nice to know you’re not alone in this. A great example of this is joining your local gym, sign up with a personal trainer, book onto gym classes and spend time speaking to other members.. the gym is a positive place full of likeminded people all working to improve their overall health.

Anyone who suffers with any mental health conditions will also benefit from building an exercise routine. Rather than depending on prescribed (or unprescribed in some cases) drugs to resolve the issue try including a natural remedy that has proven results in boosting your overall health! Find something you enjoy doing, get professional assistance if needed (If its a specific sport get a coach or if you’re new to the gym hire a personal trainer), start slow and build yourself up; don’t try and run before you can walk. Stick at it for 90 days, enjoy the process and you will definitely see the benefits!

If you want help getting started in the gym or setting up an exercise plan check out the link below⬇️

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