Welcome to our first RBYL blog post, its been a long time coming but here we are, ready to spread positivity, motivation and corny quotes *only joking*😂

We have decided to use our platform to help educate and guide you through the thick cloud of health & fitness, which is full of fake influences/coaches, misinformation and crazy fads which can do you more harm than good. This blog is a chance for you to interact with us and ask any questions.. from personal training questions to what are the best ways to build muscle or lose body fat! WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!

First topic we would like to address is the matter of coming into the gym, as a beginner and not having a scooby do what you’re doing.. GET YOURSELF A PROGRAM or spend time doing research and educating yourself, this will give you the best chance at staying safe, getting sustainable results and enjoying the process! Having a gym exercise plan is the equivalent of using a sat nav when travelling to a new destination, without it you’d get lost.

Make sure that your training program is tailored to your goal and you’ve included everything from a warm up, main session to cooldown and keep it simple, start with the basics, get good at them and then think about progressing to the next complex movement.. Rome wasn’t built in the day and the same approach should be taken with your health & fitness.

Check out our linktree for all tailored training programs if you’d like to seek professional help from a qualified personal trainer!

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